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    • affordable and cheap Contact us

      Why Our high quality Contact us is very affordable and easy to install?

      1- High quality Contact us is easy to hook and install.

      You dont need extra wiring in order to install Contact us.
      All you have to do is plug the wires of Contact us transmitter to your trailer or truck tail light wiring system and thats it as for as installation.

      wireless tow lights,contact, contact us

      2- The quality of Our wireless tow lights,contact, contact us is very affordable and cheap.

      It is one of the cheapest Contact us in North America. Why? Becuase we are the direct factory importer of this kinds of Contact us in the west of Canada.
      Therefore, We beat any competitor price for this kinds of Contact us available in the market.
      This is not only the affordability of our Contact us but also their quality is high and easily installed.
      They can last up to 100,000 hours. The lifspam of these wireless tow lights,contact, contact us is very long due to its 36 powerful LED lights.

      Quality Contact us

      These Contact us are also very convenient.

      In addition to its affordability, and easy installation, cheap price, its also convenient.
      Before we import these Contact us direct from the manufacturer, one of our friend had a tow truck and he was using the wired tow lights.
      He changed his lights couple times in 6months period. First as apposed to our high quality and affordable Contact us, his wired tow lights were very messy. they were drugging on the road as he was driving, and also they weren't comfortable. He had to connect, and disconnect his tow lights everytime he was towing.
      Eversince we imported these eligant wireless tow lights,contact, contact us , he is very happy. Now he injoys our high quality Contact us everytime he tows a vehicle.
      We have ship these kinds of Contact us throut north America on a daily basis and our customers are growing.

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